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Perfect for any tea addict!
30 cups of your favourite JP's in a refillable jar. 
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A warming spiced chai with fiery ginger & sweet cardamom.

Chai, meaning 'tea' in Hindi, is thought to have roots that go back 5,000 years to a time when Indian Emperors would sip on an ayurvedic concoction of spices to promote energy and wellbeing. Fast forward to modern-day and the representation of chai has shifted to what is now a globally recognised beverage. 

The tradition of chai is complex, with each household or teashop having their own family recipe. From being had out of a sikora, to a glass cup, to a saucer, made sweeter, more gingery, or milkier, no two chais are the same. Whether sipped or slurped, chai ultimately invokes the same feeling of comfort, energy and warmth.

In honour of my Nana, the great JP.

This family recipe for warming ginger and cardamom chai is the taste of my childhood and a favourite to this day passed from JP to me and now to you.

Each box contains 15 individually wrapped pyramid bags.
All our packaging is entirely plastic-free!



Chai is traditionally had first thing in the morning, before getting ready for the day, and again late afternoon as a pick-me-up drink enjoyed together with an afternoon snack. We totally empathize with the addiction and won't judge if you'd like to have it any other time, even if it's just before bed.

We use broken pekoe tea leaves from the Itakhooli estate in Assam to make sure our chai blend reflects the roots of tradition. Calling for a brisker finish, broken pekoe lends chai a hand in its depth of flavour, and ensures we can give you the authenticity you deserve.

The ginger root is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, known to boost immunity, and making the chai more invigorating.

Sweet and subtle, the cardamom in our chai offers balance and dimension, making it difficult not to knock back in one big gulp. *Like Nichola does.

Full Ingredients
Assam BP (Itakhooli Estate, India), ginger, cardamom.

For the perfect cup