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Pouring passion into every cup.

Coming from a long line of tea growers, we know what makes a good cup of tea. Our family has owned tea gardens for generations, making tea more than our heritage – it practically runs in our veins! With this in mind, our mission is to make high quality whole leaf teas more accessible for everyday drinking.


"I particularly love the CBD range of teas. The brand has introduced me to the benefits of CBD - the Sleep Deep tea being my favourite! Tastes much better than other sleep teas I’ve tried, and they are really effective in making you relax."

Tara C. (our most loyal SD fan)

“Urvashi, this chai is amazing!! Can’t believe it’s from a tea bag.”


"As someone who sticks to what they know and is traditionally a green tea drinker, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got JP’s Originals - especially with CBD infusion. Let’s just say, in short, I’m converted. I have to give a shout out to my favourite in the range - Power Up. Sorry Green Tea."

Sunny S.

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