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30 cups of your favourite JP's in a refillable glass jar. 
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A herbal infusion grown on the west coast of South Africa. The history of rooibos dates back to when it was first discovered over 300 years ago. A bushmen tribe known as the Khoisan people harvested the leaves for use in herbal remedies and grew fond of the sweet and earthy taste.

Each jar contains 30 plastic-free biodegradable pyramid bags. 



Rooibos can be enjoyed any time of the day, with or without milk.

We use only the highest quality natural ingredients in our blends, carefully sourcing our whole leaf teas from specific regions and estates for the optimum grade and unique flavour profiles.

Rooibos (meaning Red Bush)

Rooibos is unique to The Cederberg, a region on the west coast of South Africa. Traditionally, the bunches of leaves were rolled into hessian bags and brought down from the mountain by donkeys. The leaves and fine stems were then chopped with axes and bruised with mallets before being left in heaps to ferment. Once fermented, the Rooibos was spread out to dry in the hot African sun, ready for use as a thirst-quenching drink. Not much has changed except for the modern machinery and technology now used to speed this process up.

Rooibos seeds are planted in late summer during February and March. After the first rainfall in the cooler winter months of July and August, the seedlings are then transplanted, and the first crop is harvested 18 months later.

The stems are cut and bound into bundles to be transported for processing. The stems are then cut to even lengths, bruised, watered and left to air, before being left to ferment.
During oxidation, the stems change from green to their distinctive brick red colour. It is in this process that rooibos develops its sweet, aromatic and earthy flavour.


Full Ingredients: 100% pure rooibos (South Africa).

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