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*Introducing 'The Daily Drinker', perfect for any tea addict*
24 cups of your favourite JP's in a refillable jar. 
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Sip slowly and let this gently cleansing, soothe operator bring balance. 

A soothing blend of natural herbal ingredients infused with 15mg of the finest full spectrum water soluble CBD per pyramid bag. 

Cleanse and nourish your mind, body and soul with smooth, soothing spearmint, sweet, restorative rose petals and vibrant Sencha green tea - wrap yourself in the refreshing, comforting hug of this soul soother

Each jar contains 24 plastic-free biodegradable tea pyramids.


Great after lunch to promote good digestion – the gentle caffeine hit will also give you a little pick me up to avoid that post lunch mid-afternoon slump. Perfect if you have a sensitive stomach, are prone to IBS symptoms or suffering from period cramps.

Why you need it

Known as the second brain we are becoming more and more clued up on the importance of the gut – but stress, bad diets and poor sleep can all play havoc with our insides. Bloating, cramps and sluggish digestion are all common ailments that can have a big effect on our daily lives. This refreshing cleansing tea soothes stressed stomachs, helps beat the bloat and eases abdominal pains.  Both calming and restorative this mix of soothing ingredients, CBD and a subtle caffeine lift will help soothe busy minds as well as stomachs and allow for a soulful mellow moment to unwind, realign and re-centre.

 CBD – believed to improve sleep cycles, assist recovery from exercise induced inflammation & provide relief from everyday stresses.

Chinese Sencha – high in antioxidants, green tea protects against free radicals which cause the type of cellular damage consistent with ageing.

Spearmint – the most anti-inflammatory of mint varieties it helps balance hormones, soothe troubled skin and relieve stomach problems like bloating and abdominal pain.

Chinese Chunmee green tea – full of anti-aging antioxidants this green tea has a light tangy sweetness and warm clean finish.

Rose – the sweet, fragrant petals of rose flowers are extremely high in antioxidants. They help ease stress and anxiety, lift moods and even soothe menstrual pain.

Our CBD: Each teabag contains a generous 15mg of full spectrum water soluble CBD. We only use fully traceable, high quality water soluble CBD. This is the most bioavailable form, ensuring you get the maximum benefits from our teas and infusions.

Full Ingredients
Chinese Sencha green tea, spearmint, Chinese Chunmee green tea, rose petals, natural flavouring and full spectrum water soluble hemp-derived CBD extract.

Warning: If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medication or under medical supervision, consult your doctor before use.

How to brew

For the perfect cup

"This CBD tea really does soothe my soul. I don’t usually drink tea but this is something else" - PD

"JP’s teas are divine! Love the beautiful packaging and the unique flavours of the teas. My absolute favourite is Soul Soother (rose, spearmint and green tea)" - Deepa Harry

"The only thing that gets me through my day!" - AAL