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New to the JP's Originals speciality teas collection and can't decide which to try first?

Trust us, we know the feeling, and that's why we have created a special sample pack so you can get your hands on one of each of Earl Grey, English Breakfast and Nana's Chai to try before you buy! 

Simply add to your basket, checkout and let us take care of the rest.


Earl Grey

A delicate and refreshing blend of the finest Ceylon black tea from the Uva region infused with natural bergamot oil. Named after Prime Minister Charles Grey, this well-heeled brew has aristocratic roots. But it shouldn’t just be saved for high teas and special occasions, enjoy in the morning with a slice of lemon and a drizzle of honey.

English Breakfast

A full bodied robust blend of complex malty Assam balancing brisk Kenyan notes. Perfect as an everyday tea. A real British classic. Having grown up drinking Assam tea harvested by my grandfather, it was especially significant for my English Breakfast blend to be predominantly tippy Assam. Nostalgia in a cup.

Nana's Chai

A warming spiced chai with fiery ginger & sweet cardamom, in honour of my Nana, the great JP. This family recipe for warming ginger and cardamom chai is the taste of my childhood and a favourite to this day passed from JP to me and now to you.