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Overcome Blue Monday + Dinner Sorted!

Whether you believe in Blue Monday or not, we thought it's the perfect time to remind you to be kind to yourself, even when things may not be going your way.

Here are our top 3 tips on how to overcome those Monday blues:

1. Turn Blue Monday into Brew Monday: Schedule a call with a friend or family member, make yourself a cuppa, and take some time to catch up.

2. Your #1 priority: Yes, we know self-care Sunday has been and gone, but there are no rules to when you're allowed to look after yourself. A 20-minute yoga flow, some time with your favourite book, or a quiet moment meditating may help bring that little extra 'calm' to your day.

3. Make a list: With a lot to think about and little room to plan, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. We find making lists a great way to feel on top of your game. For example try planning your meals for the week on Monday, write your shopping list and get everything you need in advance.

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 We’ve sorted dinner for you for the week. You’re welcome.

Dr Hazel Wallace aka The Food Medic, serves up the perfect recipe for a creamy Mac & Cheese equivalent, packed with greens and of course no dairy! The cold weather has us craving creamy pasta dishes, so this is the daddy. When made for dinner, this can be taken for lunch the next day too!

For those craving a good old burger, this may hit the spot. You just need to swap out the egg for 1/3 cup mashed sweet potato and eliminate the feta. High in protein, these burgers can be served in a bun or pitta or with a finely chopped Mexican style salad (think peppers, avocado, sweetcorn, coriander & lots of lime!)

An oldie but goodie, this recipe is from the archives of the Queen of “Saucy”: Nina Parker. Using a bunch of veg, this recipe sated our desire for a meaty bol this month, and maybe for many more months to come!
Nina also includes some great substitution options for particular veg you may not like.
(We’ll be garnishing this one with all the parmesan on the planet from Feb)

The Veggie Katsu at Wagamama has been a favourite (with a side of Bang Bang Cauliflower) but with a New Year’s Resolution of ordering far fewer Deliveroos, recreating the same at home is incredibly satisfying! We recommend experimenting with the veg on this recipe - we’ve tried it with sweet potato and butternut squash. BOSH! recreate some of our guilty pleasures (think Big Mac) to healthier vegan alternatives. Check out their cookbook!

A simple recipe to satisfy that Asian craving, complete with 17g of protein! With noodles, it makes for a substantial dinner but you can also spiralize courgette and carrot as a lighter lunchtime substitute.