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Power Up Hot Toddy

Feel a tickly throat coming on, or need a comforting companion to join you on the sofa this Sunday? Look no further than our Power Up Hot Toddy- a yummy blend of honey, Woodford Reserve, JP’s Power Up, lemon and cloves. Sorry Dry Jan goers, you may want to skip this one or swap out the Bourbon for a little non-alcoholic alternative. Either way, we're not judging!

The Recipe

Serves 2
2 x JP's Power Up tea bags
Hot water
2 x 25ml Woodford Reserve
Lemon slices


    1. Brew your Power Up in 300ml of water for 5-6 minutes.
    2. Squeeze some honey into glass tumblers.(We love the Roebling cut crystal ones by Soho Home, currently on sale at Selfridges!)
    3. Add a tot of Woodford Reserve Bourbon Whiskey for each.
    4. Pour in your Power Up.
    5. Stick your cloves in the lemon slice and pop it in the hot toddy.
    6. Put your feet up and enjoy!


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