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Why Tea is Better than Coffee

So we may be a bit biased, but there are lots of reasons to choose tea over coffee when you can’t decide which to go for in the morning. Read on to find out why!


Caffeine -

For many, that morning caffeine kick is the primary reason we drink tea and coffee. But too much caffeine can have negative effects on your health - restlessness, insomnia, headaches, dizziness and anxiety to name a few! (Medline Plus, 2021). The first obvious benefit of choosing tea over coffee is that tea contains significantly less caffeine (a cup of tea has about half that of a cup of coffee!) But this doesn’t always reflect how effective your wake-up call might be. In other words, tea can wake you up a lot more effectively than you may realise! One study found that a strong cup of tea is more effective at sharpening the mind. The scientists concluded that caffeine dose is not the whole story when it comes to waking you up in the morning - perhaps our expectations also determine how alert we feel, or it could be the sensory experience of drinking our favourite drink that awakens our senses. (BBC Future, 2016)

Though tea is lower in caffeine, it’s rich in L-theanine - a powerful antioxidant that stimulates the brain. Unlike caffeine, L-theanine may provide anti-stress effects by increasing alpha waves in the brain, helping you to calm down and relax. This counteracts the effects of caffeine and gives you a relaxed but alert mental state without drowsiness. All this just from a simple cup of tea! Studies have also found that consuming tea may help you maintain your focus, attention and sharpness. (Healthline, 2019)

For a perfect morning pick-me-up option with less caffeine than coffee, give our English Breakfast tea a go - a full bodied, robust blend of complex, malty Assam and brisk Kenyan notes. Or go for our Power Up CBD infusion, which is specially formulated with your wellbeing in mind. This tea is an invigorating blend of natural, herbal ingredients (lemongrass, lemon myrtle, yerba mate, ginger, tumeric and cinnamon) and 15 mg of the finest, water-soluable CBD to recharge, reenergise and refocus. The perfect pick-me-up! One of our customers said about our Power Up CBD tea: “Take a hike, coffee!!” - @nikic_r.

While we’re on the subject, CBD also has lots of health benefits! It is non-addictive (unlike caffeine) and activates the receptors of our endocannabinoid system, helping to balance our sleep, anxiety, pain, inflammation and immunity. Another reason to choose one of our wellbeing CBD teas over a cup of coffee!


Sleep quality -

The biggest differences between coffee and tea may emerge once your head hits the pillow…

Comparing people drinking the same volume of tea or coffee over single day, researchers at the University of Surrey found that coffee-drinkers tend to find it harder to fall asleep at night. This could be because the caffeine content, which is higher than tea, catches up with you later in the day. Tea drinkers, in contrast, had longer and more restful slumbers. If you’re struggling with sleep, try a cup of our Sleep Deep, another of our wellbeing CBD tea blends. Preferably, drink about an hour before bed for that perfectly sound night’s sleep. Combined with soothing chamomile, rose, lavender, rosehip and lemon, Sleep Deep is the perfect tea to help you drift off (have a look at our last blog post, ‘CBD for Sleep’, for more!)

Ultimately, tea offers many of the benefits of coffee, without the sleepless nights - so why not go for that cup of tea?


Tea can soothe your nerves -

In England, it’s common to give “tea and sympathy” to a distressed friend - this comes from the idea that a cup of Earl Grey tea is medicine for troubled minds. There is evidence that tea can soothe your nerves - regular tea drinkers tend to show a calmer physiological response to unsettling situations, such as public speaking. People who drink three cups of tea a day even appear to have a 37% lower risk of depression than those who don’t drink tea. (BBC Future, 2016) Coffee, on the other hand, does not have the same reputation. Drinking too many cups is known to induce symptoms of anxiety. (Healthline, 2019)


Hydration -

Tea is fantastic at hydrating the body and replenishing your fluid intake (unlike a caffeine-heavy cup of coffee!)


Tea is easier to make -

Simple but very important in our busy, day-to-day lives!


Antioxidants -

Unlike coffee, there are plenty of antioxidants in a cup of tea! Antioxidants may reduce the risk of many diseases, including heart disease and certain cancers. (Better Health Channel, 2022) Our Glorious Green tea is packed full of powerful antioxidants!


So, what will it be? Coffee, or tea? (hint - if this blog post isn’t enough to convince you to pour that cup of tea, we don’t know what is!)


By Olivia Wells


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