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How to Enjoy the Perfect Cup of Tea

In all our time brewing, experimenting with and drinking tea, we have found that there are three crucial factors that make for that perfect, satisfying cup!


  1. WATER - We always recommend using freshly boiled water to brew your cup of tea. This is because every time water is boiled, oxygen is lost and the evaporation of water vapour leads to other minerals in the water becoming more concentrated, which affects the flavour of the tea. So, if you keep re-boiling the stale water in your kettle you won’t achieve the optimum-tasting cup of tea! Because we are particular here at JP’s, we also recommend using filtered water where possible to eliminate limescale and other elements found in tap water.
  2. TEMPERATURE - Always boil the water to the correct temperature specific to the type of tea to maximise the flavours, aromas and benefits. For example, some teas are more delicate, so require a lower temperature.
  3. TIME - Keep an eye on the recommended brewing times to provide the best flavour for each tea leaf type. Steeping tea for a shorter amount of time may not release all of the flavour, but too long may release too much caffeine and polyphenols, making the tea taste bitter.


As well as the technical stuff, we think that enjoying the perfect cup of tea has a lot to do with a few more things - the quality of the tea, for one, and the setting of the tea-drinking, for another!

Here at JP’s Originals we create exceptional, artisanal teas. Carefully sourced, perfectly brewed and made for everyday drinking. Like fine wine, the subtle nuances of tea leaf varieties, origins and tea grades need to be celebrated! All of our ingredients have been carefully selected to bring you exciting blends with sophisticated flavour profiles and aromas. Hand packed here in the UK, all of our teas come in 100% plastic-free, biodegradable pyramid bags that allow the tea leaves the room they need to infuse, giving you the perfect, proper cup of tea. Give our English Breakfast tea a try - perfect for any tea addict! A classic, full-bodied, robust blend of complex, malty Assam and brisk, Kenyan whole leaf teas. The perfect everyday tea and a real British classic!


Here are some of our top settings for enjoying a cup of tea (i.e. how to maximise your tea-drinking experience): 

In a cosy armchair - The perfect tea-drinking and reading spot! Load your comfiest armchair with blankets and cushions, and bring a book to read or a notebook to scribble in.

In the bath - Bath salts, candles, a book and a cup of our Sleep Deep CBD infusion or Calming Camomile. Yes, please!

By the fireplace - Theres nothing like snuggling up by the fireplace with a steaming mug of tea in the autumn! One of the cosiest tea-drinking spots out there.

Right before bed - Our Sleep Deep brew is the perfect tea to drink before bed to send you into a deep slumber. Cosy up in bed with a cuppa and a book to read - perfect for winding down. (Have a look at our blog post ‘CBD for Sleep’ for all the tea on how CBD helps with sleep, complete with some sleep tips!)

Shared with friends and family - One of the things we love about tea is how it brings people together! Meet a friend or a family member for a cup of tea in a cosy café, or make them one at home!

First thing in the morning - Watch the world go by through the window, with a steaming cup of tea in hand, while you wake up and prepare to start your day.

On the go - We believe that tea makes everything better - so we bring a portable flask of tea whereever we go!


Now go and brew that perfect cup of tea - enjoy!


By Olivia Wells