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JP's Originals X Friendsline

From the very start of the JP's Originals journey, Urvashi has had her heart set on using her business as a force for good, in some shape or form. With this we are proud to introduce you to our first partnership with a charity that is very close to our hearts - Friendsline.

Friendsline’s work began by simply connecting UK volunteers to women over Skype, with the aim of creating lasting support networks. Their first partnership was with CORD, a grassroots organisation based in a remote region of the Himalayas called Dharamshala. Urvashi became a volunteer on this programme, with weekly Skype calls with beneficiaries, and as a result had the pleasure of meeting Avisha, the founder of Friendsline.

As with any start up, the team learned many lessons during this initial programme and identified a need to evolve and adapt their offering to create the biggest impact and most meaningful change for women and girls in developing countries. After a great deal of research, Friendsline identified the need to focus on providing mental health support to women and girls who have suffered gender based violence in India.

Mental Health in Underdeveloped Countries

The immense lack of education and resources around depression and anxiety in India has prevented any open conversation about mental health and has perpetuated stigmas, particularly in rural communities. As a result, there is very little help for those suffering with these conditions. The impact gender based violence has on the mental health of women is unquestionable and unfortunately, depression and anxiety is twice as common in women than it is in men.

The Solution

Friendsline’s solution is to use technology to bring virtual mental health seminars to these women. The programme includes yoga and mindfulness practices and encourages group discussions. In addition to this, Friendsline are providing 1:1 counselling sessions to beneficiaries who are identified as being in need of this service. Friendsline has partnered with three organisations so far across India and has provided support to hundreds of women and girls.

What Can We Do?

Together we can help women who have suffered gender based violence in underdeveloped countries to get the love and support they need. We can help provide them with a sense of community and help to build and sustain better mental and physical wellbeing within their existing communities.

For every box of Rose Chai you buy, a contribution of £1 will be made to Friendsline. To put your impact into perspective, this means that for every 3 boxes of Rose Chai sold, Friendsline will be able to support 1 woman on a 12 week mental health programme.